Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2019

best tumblr alternatives

If you are an introvert, expressing your feelings might be a problem for you. Your inability to express what you feel can take a backseat if you use a micro-blogging site like Tumblr. Tumblr is a great platform for someone to share images, videos or blog posts. Tumblr is a good way to reach out … Continue Reading

How To Add A Bot To Your Discord Server – Discord Tutorial

best discord bots

Discord is a well-known communication channel for gamers and is used by many gamers globally. It’s easy-to-use and manage the servers of Discord. Discord’s pretty powerful on its own, but there’s always room for adding new and better features. Eventually, everyone prefers their own customization rather than a set interface with some built-in functions. So, … Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Discord Bots 2019 To Improve Your Discord Server

best discord bots

If you are a gamer, then you must know Discord. Discord is one of the biggest communication channels for the gaming community. Discord provides the communication service globally to each and every player across the world. Now, the biggest advantage of the discord bots is that they help in the automation of tasks. These tasks … Continue Reading