About Me

Thanks for visiting techconvict, a blog dedicated to publishing quality how-to, best-of, and alternative articles around tech.

Techconvict was started, is managed by Keshav Mukharjee. Keshav is a passionate photographer, and tech enthusiast.

Currently pursuing B-tech from a generic college under pressure by Indian mentality and society. Planning to later pursue M.B.A for the same reason and from some generic college.

I’ve been into photography for a long time. Somewhere around when I was 15, I wanted to share my photographs, and art with the rest of the world and not just my close circle.

I started by uploading my photographs on Instagram, flickr, and other social media websites. My photographs got a lot of response and motivated me to learn further.

This led me to research more and more about technology and how it works. The result was this blog ~ techconvict. Here, I share my experience in form of blog posts.

Keshav Mukharjee