Top 10 Best Discord Bots 2019 To Improve Your Discord Server

If you are a gamer, then you must know Discord. Discord is one of the biggest communication channels for the gaming community. Discord provides the communication service globally to each and every player across the world. Now, the biggest advantage of the discord bots is that they help in the automation of tasks.

These tasks include the moderation of server, interaction of users with each other, and etc. Most importantly, the bots help in enhancing the communication experience on the servers for the users. Since the tasks are automated by the bots, there is no more need for exiting the servers for simple tasks.

There are different Discord bots available that add to the efficiency of Discord. Some of the best ones are:

best discord bots


GAwesome Bot

If you are in a search for a multipurpose bot for your Discord server, then this Bot is the best one. The best part of this bot is that it is highly customizable and very powerful. Along with that, it brings numerous number of entertaining features such that the user activity increases on the server. Some of the various features include the ban, kick or award member ranks, and also, conducting polls, generating games, and etc. It’s a very robust bot.

Music Bot

It’s the best Discord music bot. As the name suggests, this bot is specifically made for helping users to play music from the YouTube videos. The video is converted into an mp3 format, and after which it’s played in the background. The bot has the capability to play even from the valid URL if you by chance do not have the right name of the song. It works on the two basic commands: !play “song name” (for playing music) and !play “link” (for playing via link).


YAGPDB is an acronym for “Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot”. It’s a popular, and helpful bot for every discord server owners. This bot gives you all the tools needed to build, manage or moderate the large discord servers without many efforts. The most important feature of YAGPDB is called an accessible control panel. This panel is helpful for accessing the information fast and can check the server status.


It’s known to be one of the cutest bots on Discord. This has really been built to keep your community on their toes with many fun games, giveaways and a lot of other things. Any functionality which comes to your mind can totally be done by Miki. It’s a bot with the vision that’s meant to make chatting more attractive through different functionality.


It’s one of the very capable bots for many online game streams. It has tons of features, which make this bot so likable. It provides many commands for moderation, gives you the ability to set welcome messages, notifications, and many other features. The best part about Tatsumaki is that it’s not restricted to just Discord server, but allows you to change the bot settings from one dedicated dashboard. It gives you the ability to search online on the web, stay updated with RSS feed within Discord.


It’s known to be an all-in-one bot, which can perform all kinds of tasks like the social, and utility commands, entertainment and moderation tools, and etc. This bot can quickly help you in muting, banning or kicking any user out of the server. For the entertainment part, the bot can help you search the images, roll dices, and many more activities. It’s also used to track the statistics of the game. Though Aethex offers everything that any user might require, it still is not the best choice when compared to a dedicated bot with different functionality.


It’s also one of the bots of Discord, which implements various entertaining user-engagement features. This bot helps the players use different commands to create weapons for any guest. Profile customization’s also an opportunity for the players. The best feature about DueUtil is that the player can get points, and also be rewarded with an award if they are active on DueUtil. And, later, they can use them to fight with other players.


If you want to manage your gaming team, this is the perfect match for you. It can be used in recruiting and improving the clan. There’s a special feature known as the team calendar, where you can add various events. And, the calendar will notify the team so no one forgets to participate.

Discord Dungeons

It’s different from the various other bots, and yet it is known to be one of the best bots. It has a special feature through which a countless number of hours can be added to the discord server. It gives the permissions to the owner and lets the users play a game called RPG dungeon game within the application.

Dyno Discord Bot

It’s also one of the most impressive multi-purpose bots. This bot provides many amazing features like customized commands, music, role management, moderation, anti-spam, auto-moderation. And most importantly, it has a fully configured web dashboard, with which you can configure everything. It’s extremely useful in enormous discord server so that you can keep it clean using its auto-moderation features.


It is a complete package, which emphasizes on features like chat, GIFs, productivity and fun. The most important highlight of this particular bot is that it does not only give the funky antics but also it has the capability to play extra HD, Hi-fi music. This is a perfect tool for your server if you are a big music lover.

Eventually, the decision of choosing the best discord bot lies onto you. The primary difference between all the bots lies in the features they provide. It depends on you which particular features you want out of them all, and hence, your choice.

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