Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2019

If you are an introvert, expressing your feelings might be a problem for you. Your inability to express what you feel can take a backseat if you use a micro-blogging site like Tumblr. Tumblr is a great platform for someone to share images, videos or blog posts. Tumblr is a good way to reach out to a larger part of the audience by expressing your ideas, and opinions. Different features of Tumblr have made it famous, but it sure has its own set of problems.

People who want to get out of the Tumblr game might get confused. There are many new platforms like tumbler out there using which you can share your thoughts either through words or through graphics. And, perhaps, the following websites might turn out better for you than Tumblr. These websites include:


It stands for whatever you see is what you get back. It’s a set of online editing platforms that lets you get the insight of the website you are building without the HTML source code. Though they don’t serve you the exact same features like re-blogging or liking, the free web-hosting site building platforms are an advantage for a Tumblr user whose page looks more like a personal page, than a blogged feed.


It is just not only a website which creates pages, but also a community site that shares the same functionality as Tumblr. A huge number of aspiring writers wanting to gain knowledge, and explore new ideas visit the page, and then further create an account. The interface of HubPages is similar to that of Pinterest. Also, along with pictures, the user can write content, and share videos as well on his/her timeline. HubPages also gives the users an opportunity to earn money through the content posted. If you are someone who wants to learn about new ideas, share your ideology, and earn as well, this is the writing platform for you.


Ghost, also launched in 2013, was a successful Tumblr alternative because of its capabilities. It served quick, free, and awesome blogging capabilities. Though less attention’s paid to the design templates, Ghost provides some special features like a split screen viewer for editing and writing the blog, easy-to-skim the blog feed. And last but not least, Ghost offers a very advanced dashboard for data analytics, feeding your soul with data. It is not free, but it is still worth using.


It allows anyone to share their ideas by means of writing. The site isn’t free and needs you to pay $5 per month. And, it gives the same functionality as what Tumblr provides. Content can be shared in terms of blog posts, pictures, and videos. The different aspect of Posthaven is related to the security of the website focusing on the information and content of the user. It has strict rules such that no one copies your content. You are securing your content through Posthaven.


Though it uses a different method of getting the expression out to the world, it’s liked by one and all. It’s known to be basically a plugin which saves the content pieces you’ve found at one place. Just skim through the article, text or an image, or video, and save it into your collection. As a blog option, this is great because publishing the collections becomes very easy. This is built for both Android and ios, so you can use it on the go.


This name may sound weird, but Soup is almost a replica of Tumbler in terms of both the user interface and features. This is why Soup is considered to be a robust Tumblr alternative. It lets you post everything from texts to quotes, from images to videos. Also, it can directly import from many social networks like Twitter and can make sure your posts are automatically published to Facebook too. Many Soup groups based on different topics can be joined by users, leading to the collaboration of the stream of posts. Summing up, it is quite a simple micro-blogging platform, but users should not expect it to match up to the level of WordPress.


It majorly follows the template of twitter like creating posts, following people, getting followed. However, the functionality of Mastodon is similar to that of Tumblr. It is known to be an open source platform, having an enormous user-base. Just like Tumbler, you can create posts, like them, repost them again, and write comments. Though the user interface of Mastodon is not very similar to that of Tumblr, they have other features in common. Much can be done with just the keyboard on Mastodon.


It’s simple yet informative. Just like many other platforms, one can share everything from text to pictures on this blogging site. You can connect with many experienced people in different fields of a profession to know more. It’s an excellent platform to express your ideas, much like Tumblr, but it focuses more on text and images than videos.


A full-fledged platform for someone who has just stepped into the world for blogging or business. It’s not limited to one blog or a website. Its functionality is quite similar to that of Tumblr. This platform offers websites of all types, for online stores. Such a big collection of themes is an advantage of this platform and thus makes it easier to start for a naive blogger.

Apart from the few listed above, there may be more alternatives for Tumblr. Only you can decide the right replacement of Tumblr, depending on your preference. Your choice of platform may depend on price, features, effects, security, and etc. Every platform may satisfy different needs of yours, but there will definitely be one of them that would serve your needs. There might be different alternatives for tumbler, but the main goal is to express yourself freely through your blogs, music, images or videos- whatever suits you the best, and represents your emotions perfectly.

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